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A M A N D A   O V E S D O T T I R   S T O R A U N E T

Amanda is an actress, singer, writer and model from Norway. She is most known for her part as Veronica in "Rådvill" (2020) and her part as Juni in "NAKNE BEN" (2021).


For her graduation at her Bachelor Degree in acting, Amanda wrote, directed and performed a monologue called "FØNIKS" that was put together with self-composed music and digital devices into a theatrical expression. In 2020 she got a scholarship from Grong Sparebank and Lierne Kommune to develop the play.

In 2015 Amanda got to act the leading part in the graduating production "Somebody to Love" at Inderøy High School. She also got picked out to be a part of "Unge Dramatikere"/"Young playwrights" at the Theatre of Trøndelag where her text was performed with actors of the theatre.

In the fall in 2014, The Theatre of Nord-Trøndelag announced a writing-competition in the light of the project for the anniversary of the Constitution, named "Demokratikk", which she won with her text "Dialogue1". The dialogue was performed by acting-students at Nord University in the spring 2015 at the event "Møteplassen", arranged by The Cultural Schoolbag.

Amanda also writes her own songs and does jobs for singing.

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