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"When I write I am passionate about writing in a way that can move, provoke and get people to think and act toward a better world. In my writings I often try to grasp the contemporary questions of society in a new and absurd way."

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"What is really the thing about life? This life that is lived, this life that we all breathe and live in?

I´ve been thinking and thinking and I don´t get it. Yes, you can say it´s about finding out what you like to do and do that until you die.

If you talk about the meaning of life - it´s death in a way. The meaning as in the meaning is a goal - and that goal, the destination is death, but life´s meaning is to live, I get that, but doesn´t everything you do in life seem like a waste when the destination is death anyway?


Man: You need so much reassurance. You should give yourself the reassurance.

Woman: But I´m so insecure

Man: Learn to not be then. Mrs. Know it all

Woman: Why can´t we just live out the fantasy I have in my head? We are making our own reality anyway?

Man: You make your own reality. This isn´t real.

Woman: You are not real.

Man: Me no? We know that. I´m just text on paper."

"Life And Reality And Stuff" is a dialogue between a woman and a man where subjects as life, depression, unmet love, war and life´s banalities is put together in a hotchpotch of mixed feelings, thoughts and reflections.

And maybe life is mostly about how you look at it yourself and how you choose to think about it? 

Photo: Liv-Christine Hoem

PHOENIX   (2019)

"Who are you? 

What do you want? 

What is your values?

What is your goal? "

In PHOENIX we meet Live who try to answer the questions "Who are you?", "What do you want?" and is approaching the existential question "Why are you here?". She is trapped in a room that can´t be defined by neither time nor place and she meets herself in both good and bad ways.

The play was written as a wish to create awareness at what makes the world feel like a good place to be for one self and others, but it also deals with the experience of not knowing how to, because of so much different information given. Should one dare to go into the dark abyss so that it hopefully can make one stronger and wiser?

PHOENIX was at first written as an assignment for my Bachelor Degree in Acting, and was put together by technical devices and self-composed music into a theatrical expression.