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New York Fashion Week Spring 22

This was originally a post I started to write in February, but I never got to actually post it. But here is a little from when I was a model at New York Fashion Week in Sony Hall, New York, in February earlier this year! :-)

Yup, it happened. I have been a model at New York Fashion Week, itself. I really never would´ve believed that this would happen in my wildest fantasy, but so insanely crazy that it actually has happened! Now I feel like there is really nothing that can stop me from achieving all of my dreams. It´s possible!

The first designer I walked for was Sarah Kolis, and she was so sweet and nice! And very very talented! I felt like a princess! And to actually wear a dress at NYFW as well, that was something I cherished big time ! :-)

Photo: Getty Images, Jemal Countess

Designer: Sarah Kolis (

Hairrcolor: Nadia Skogli

Hairstyling: Inna Odinaeva

Makeup: Lisa-Marie Slayss

My second outfit at New York Fashion Week was for Aurelia Batista, and this was truly a goddess-outfit! I feel so grateful and happy to have worn this artpiece of an outfit at New York Fashion Week, itself! I´m crying of happiness!

Photo: Getty Images, Jemal Countess

Designer: Aurelia Batista (

Haircolor: Nadia Skogli

Hairstyling: Erica Carinne Garcia

Makeup: Sam Franzese

The third outfit I wore was for Nicoletta Valentina, and I feel so honored to have worn her clothes. She´s such an incredible talented designer - and to look back at this and think "This is actually me wearing her clothes at fashion week in New York, February 22" - is truly insane!

Photo: Getty Images, Jemal Countess

Designer: Nicoletta Valentina

Haircolor: Nadia Skogli

Hairstyling: Rosalia Delgadillo

Makeup: Soley Musa

Lashes: Book of Lashes

The last outfit I wore was in a show I snuck into approximately 1 hour before the show was starting! After I had ended all my planned shows, I talked to a friend of mine about the show he was walking in and he said "Ask the designer if you can walk for him also!", so then I just walked right up to him and said that I was an available model and asked him if he needed any more models. He examined me with his eyes and started immediately to find me something to wear, and then he said "Go to John and ask him to find you a pair of shoes! And you need some pink makeup! And wet hair" I got some really awesome shoes, and looked almost hysterically for a makeup-and hair-stylist. Went around and asked anyone who might look a little like a makeup or hairstylist. And then I found a group of people that I asked and everyone said no, except one. "I can do it!" she said and off we were putting on what we had there and then mixing my makeup and hers - and right after I was sendt right on stage ! It was such a rush and so so much fun! We also were the last show that evening so we closed off the whole evening-shows, which was awesome !

Photo: Getty Images, Jemal Countess

Designer: Burning Guitars

Shoes: John Ashford

Haircolor: Nadia Skogli

Hairstyling: Vanessa Nicolee Gonzalez

Makeup: Sam Franzese

I will forever remember this experience! I still pinch my arm when I look at these pictures. It´s so weird to be in "little" Norway and think about that I´ve actually been there and done this ! :-)

But it truly shows that anything is possible if there is something you want to do ! Maybe the world isn´t as big as one first thought? ;-)

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