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Amandas Loveblanket - Free knitting pattern!

Last summer I was so fortunate to become an aunt for the most beautiful niece, and for this great happening, I designed a Loveblanket knitted in thin and fine silk-alpaca yarn.

Since I´ve gotten some enquiries from people wanting to knit the Loveblanket, I´ve written down a free knitting pattern that I hope more people will enjoy! :-)

Measurments: Height: Approx. 70cm / 27 ½"

Width: Approx. 80cm / 31 ½"

Circular needles 2x 80cm / 31 ½" Size 3mm / US 2 or 3

Materials: Alpaca Silk, Sandnes Yarn - 200 g

st: Stitch sts: Stitches

gst: Garter Stitch

pst: Purl Stitch

Moss stitch: *1pst, 1gst* repeat with gst over pst and pst over gst.

The diagram shows the pattern from the garter stitch side.

Cast on 150sts. Knit back and forth on circular needle.

Knit 12 rows moss stitch.

Thereafter knit the first and last 8sts moss stitch, which is the sides of the blanket, and the rest is knitted in gsts.

After 6 rows of stocking stitches the pattern is knitted with the diagram in the lower right corner of the blanket.

I have used Tvorlens heart diagram (, but you are free to use what ever diagram you want on your blanket.

Heart Diagram:

Start with 5 gsts on the garter stitch side, after the last moss stitch from the side of the blanket, before you start on the diagram.

Knit psts on the garter stitch side where it is colored red on the diagram.

Continue with stock stitches until wanted size. Finish with 12 rows of moss stitches before you bind off the pattern from the garter stitch side.

If you want you can repeat the diagram in the upper left corner.

Good luck ! :-)

PDF-file with the knitting pattern:

Download PDF • 526KB

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