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The worlds most simple hat! - Free knitting pattern!

I have knitted a very simple hat that anyone can knit !

The knitting pattern is below the picture :-)

Measurements: S/M Fits head-size: Approx.: 54-56cm / US 21 1/4 "/22"

Circular needle size 2,5mm / US 1,5": Length 50cm / US 19 1/2"

Materials: Viking Yarn, Alpaca Bris

st: stitch

gst: garter stitch

pst: purl stitch

Cast on 98sts. Knit 1pst and 1gst until the length is measured approx. 2/3cm / US 1"/1 1/4". Continue with stock stitches until wanted length.

Bind off 2 and 2 sts together until every st is binded off. And there you have a nice hat you can use in the winter, spring and autumn! :-)

Good luck! :-)

PDF-file with the knitting pattern:

Download PDF • 139KB

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