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Good golly, I don´t even know where to begin. From New York Fashion Week in february to multiple shortfilms with both small and big roles, and Puerto Rico and Paris ! This year has truly not been on the lazy side !


- I wrote and applied to be a part of NyeNational. I unfortunately didn´t get through amongst the 200 applications, but learned a lot anyhow in writing a good application, and I´m very happy that so many of my friends got through, and to see all they have achieved this year.

- I got a scholarship from Liernes Scholarship of Arts at 15 000,- norwegian kroner.

- I made a knitting pattern on a very easy hat that you can find for free here: :-)

- I moved into a very cozy apartment that has given me a lot of joy ! :-)

- I got assigned a very cool role in a bachelor-shortfilm for Kristiania College, Westerdals!

(From the shooting of TYNN HUD in March 22, Photo: Astrid Alexandersson)


- Went to New York again, but this time to walk in New York Fashion Week itself at Sony Hall! This was the wildest thing I had ever experienced, and maybe still is! I walked for 4 designers - each equally unique and amazing in each way!

- Had a photoshoot with a very nice guy that I reached out to when I was in New York, named Rashawn Baldwin-White ! Truly hope we´ll get to do a new photoshoot someday!

- I got to know that I was one of the lucky ones of 400 nominees that was about to get Drommestipendet (the Scholarship of Dreams) at 30 000,- norwegian kroner. Drommestipendet is a cooperation with Norsk Tipping (Norwegian Betting) and Norsk Kulturskoleraad (Norwegian Council of Culture School) to contribute that young performers of art gets to achieve their dreams !

- I got to know that I didn´t get a role in a pretty big norwegian tv-show, which was sad, but I´m anyway very happy that I got to try out for the part ! :-)

- I fronted the norwegian newspaper Tronder-Avisa and did an interview with Norsk Kulturskoleraad that was published on Drommestipendet´s webpage :-)

(Photo: Jamal Countess, Getty Images)


- Acted in the Bachelor-shortfilm TYNN HUD (THIN SKIN), directed by Silje F. Langehaug, with an amazing crew !

- I got a whole page written about me in the norwegian newspaper Namdalsavisa :-)

- I made my very first video of myself covering a song, which was a big leap out of my comfort zone, but something I´ve wanted to do for a very long time! You can hear it here: :-)

- Had a photoshoot with Behsat Kaplan, which was really just a lot of fun ! :-)

- Went to London with Mari Ørstavik and several of her lovely friends, where I also went to an acting class with Laurence Baker for Meisner technique - which was really informative!

- Had my first photoshoot with Sascha Tay. He impressed me a lot ! So nice and talented! It also felt so good working with him because he was so open to fail and learn together, which is something I really appreciate with anyone I work with.

(Photo: Sascha Tay)

APRIL: - I had a meeting with Julia Wanda, my agent in Mochado, and updated my page on their website.

- Acted in a teaching video about different procedures for St. Olavs hospital, where I played a nurse-student, and got to know several very nice and cool people !

- Did some supplementary work on the bachelor-shortfilm TYNN HUD :-)

- Had a new photoshoot with Sascha Tay where we changed the background from white to dark, and one could see that both him and I had evolved a lot since last time we had a shoot together :-)

- Did an interview with Shawna Patruno about me and my model career at her podcast that later came out on Spotify ! :-)

(From the shooting of the teaching video for St. Olav, photo: Rune Hov)


- Weekend-workshop at Torshovloftet with Vera Holte where I got to know several really nice and talented people and got to learn a lot about the Chubbuck-technique ! :-)

- Acted in the shortfilm "Moonsisters" directed by Mari Ørstavik, which was a very nice shooting with a lot of good people on set ! I got to play with Vilde Moberg, Sascha Slengesol, Lisa Teige and Amalie Sasha Schanke - which are four very lovely and talented girls that I hope I get the chance to work with more sometime in the future ! The shortfilm turned out pretty funny too ! :-)

- I made a new video of me that covers Amy Winehouse´s "I´m No Good".

- I also got a part in a new shortfilm/pilot/teaser by Carl Georg Rødsten.

- I did an Urbex-photoshoot with model Therese Flatøy and photographers Samira Shaterian, Nadina Helen Bakos and Geir A. Kjærstad.

(From the shooting of "Moonsisters", directed by Mari Ørstavik. Photo: Michael Mark Lanham

F.l.: me, Amalie Sasha Schanke)


- I applied to the Theatre of Molde, that I also didn´t get, but I also here got a lot of knowledge in how to write adapted applications to each project. :-)

- Acted in a teaching video for Psychology in the air, where I got to play a stressed out flight attendant that amongst other things experienced sexual harassment at work.

- I did a photoshoot with model Martine-Aurora Myr for Nila Rose Amiri, design-student at Esmod, at Bygdoy, which was very fun with a lot of amazing clothes !

- I did a music video for High Plains Drifters and the song "He Reminds Me of You" where I travelled up to Trondheim :-) You can find the song here:

- I was given Drommestipendet in my hometown, Lierne, which was so nice and a big deal for me !

- I made a little video of a stripped down cover-version of Disturbia by Rihanna.

- Acted in the shortfilm/teaser/pilot by Carl Georg Rødsten with actors Gard B. Eidsvold, Endride Eidsvold and Mikkel Bratt Silset ! :-)

- I was a backup vocal at Ingeborg Knosen´s concert, where I learned a lot and had a blast !

- I got an article in the norwegian newspaper Namdalsavisa about me getting Drommestipendet ! :-)

(From the shooting of "Et Forsok" (One attempt) by Carl Georg Rødsten, Photo: Christer Smital

F.l.: me, Gard B. Eidsvold, Mikkel Bratt Silset)


- Did a photoshoot for Nadia Skogli for the nomination for Creative Awards 2022.

- Was in my hometown with my family and worked at my summer job at the nursing-home :-)

(Photo: Petronelle Grotvedt, Mimedia)


- I had my third photoshoot with Sascha Tay where we first went to Zara and bought a few outfits that we could deliver back afterwards. And the pictures turned out great ! :-)

- I did a small part in House Hunters where we got free sauna and bathed in the ocean ! As well as getting to know what later turned out to be my new director in a new shortfilm !

(Photo: Sascha Tay)


- Went to New York again to be part of the fashion week of the fall, where I was reunited with a lot of my friends as well as got to know a lot of new very nice people ! I also was so fortunate to walk for four designers again: Brandy Designs (Short and cute wedding-dress!), Desislava Simeonova (Gorgeous black dress with fringes!), Ya the Label (Denim miniskirt with a silktop and a hat!), and Elie Balleh (White jacket with golden details!)

- Went to Paris to be a part of Paris Fashion Week there. Here I was also reunited with some of my NY-friends and got a lot of new ones! I was so fortunate to walk for six designers ! I walked for MM Milano/PLUTO (Light purple jacket and shorts!), Monisha Jeraldin (Pink pants and top!), Yagmur Yasemin özer (Pink dress with rock details!), Sima Collezione (Yellow gorgeous gown!), Hill Tribe (Blue skirt and top with a hat!) and RC Caylan (Gorgeous coctaildress with feather-details!). Amazing first trip to Paris ! :-)

- Had a reading rehearsel on a new shortfilm with me as a lead (!) where I got to know several lovely people !

-My interview with Reawakening Beauty with Shawna Patruno was released on Spotify ! :-) You can listen to it here: :-)

(Designer: RC Caylan, Photo: Paris City Fashion Week)


- The end on the trip to Paris and the beginning of October turned out amazing when I got to front the entire collection of gowns designed by Jorge Contreras in a photoshoot by Alexander 3. Bridge with the view towards the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

- Did two photoshoots and walked in a catwalk-show for Nadia Skogli where she competed to become the new Editorial Artist in the Nordic Region and in Creative Awards!

- Had a very nice celebration of my birthday - where I also got to know that I got a part in a teaser/trailer for Alexander Sommerfeldt - the Best birthday gift!

- Acted in the shortfilm with me as a lead(!) which was soooo much fun! I love to play in movies! It´s probably the most fun thing I can do! Directed by Paul Turpin :-)

- Got to see "Moonsisters" at the big screen at Vega Scene !

- Participated in the festival of Drommestipendet in Hamar where I also got to perform with a monologue I wrote, and got to know very many lovely and talented people - that I´m certain we´ll get to see more of in the future ! :-)

- I acted in a new teaching video where I played a young engineer - which was so much fun!

(From the shooting of the shortfilm directed by Paul Turpin, Photo: Private

F.l. top row: Anders Simenstad, Paul Turpin, Pawel Tryzna

F.l. middle row: Idar R. Kirkerud, Magnús Blöndal Jóhannsson

F.l. lowest row: Thor Normann, Rebekka Charlotte Helén Solbakk, me, Serina Koch)


- Acted in the teaser/trailer to ULVHEDNER (Wolf Hands) to Alexander Sommerfeldt where I was a female figure with long blonde hair - we looked like Khal Drogo and Khaleesi ! :-)

- The music video I starred in, "He Reminds me of You", reached 1 million views on youtube !

- I went to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and walked in two catwalk-shows with the designer Juan Colón and for Classic Boutique US, as well as drove a jet ski for the first time !

- We shot some last scenes for the shortfilm by Paul Turpin.

- I sendt in a selftape for a film-concept for TONO that I didn´t get, but was so happy when I was asked to be put as a suggestion for the client ! :-)

- I cut my hair short as well as bangs, for a photoshoot for a competition Nadia Skogli participated in :-)

(From the shooting of the teaser for ULVHEDNER, Photo: Private

F.l.: me, Alexander Sommerfeldt)


- I bought the most amazing el-guitar !

- Went to my hometown and celebrated Christmas <3

(Photo: me)

It has happened so much this year that I almost can´t believe that all of this has happened in only one year, and little did I know about all of this in December 21 last year! I hope the new year has at least as much things in store for me, and that I dare to go further out of my comfort zone, has the dicipline to do what is needed for me to achieve my goals and that I meet even more lovely people in 2023 ! :-)

What was the best thing that happened to you this year? :-)

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